#1 Osrs gold back in the afternoon von bestrsgoldfast 07.10.2020 09:45

Combat is okay, I quit rsgoldfast Osrs gold back in the afternoon when EoC came outside and began playing with various games, but now in RS3 I can only set up a revolution ability tab and I feel like its only a quicker and much more enjoyable battle than oldschool - but just for pve.

As a rs3 player mainly I understand ours is amazing and has its own charm but I simply can't make myself play it I personally just like rs3 better and that isn't because ours is not great, its a great game also but rs3 is only my taste.

I had been under the impression that pvp sucks from 7 years ago, is that no longer the situation? Just like its been 10/8 years and no rs3 pvp team has taken within the highscores. Of course pvp remains as shit because it was 7 years back.

If you are like me and haven't played the main game in years and didn't enjoy the MTX, please do not even bother reviewing. We do not know what the game is currently. I haven't played since before the mining/smithing upgrade, it is just not fair.

Honestly, my biggest problem with it remains the attention on the MTX. RS3 might have turned out much worse from a gaming standpoint.To me, it is kind of like an alternate universe if you look at it that way.I dislike the MTX too. And recognize they're still part of the sport, but I just don't feel right reviewing a game that's been worked on and upgraded years after I stopped.

That is the beauty, my buddy. You do not have to! It's good that you're taking that position rather than those who'd review it without even looking twice. I only have played a bit recently and rsgoldfast Buy Runescape gold inspected some of the content so I'd feel comfortable offering a little idea that could be more of a comparison to both a prior player who stopped perhaps a year or two after EoC as well as a returning/new player who has had glimpses of the changes made since.I understand 1 thing for certain is I can offer a broader review on OSRS.

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