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I remember a number of those WWE games had a few fun narrative modes.I mean if you enjoy sports films quite a few of the game tories are half decent, and fun enough to watch / drama instead of some sports movie.NBA2k 2018 I believe? Was it the one where your player does not get drafted and has to play China and things to break back into the NBA. I liked that one. Fifa2019 using all the narrative mode of the child who gets his first big soccer gig - I liked that one.

Even though it was somewhat short it did have some twists and turns of you becoming loaned out to a crap team as a result of main team purchasing an awesome veteran and you needing to demonstrate your value in the lower leagues. Madden 2018 narrative mode was it - LongShot - the one where you are several highschool qb who had a lousy title game and today must face adversity to split back into his school group and try to make it to the NFL.

This even had different endings based on how you did on the area and what choices you made. The myplayer style was such a let down. The early 2k10 era games had myplayer modes which were really fun and interesting, I was buying the new game every year just to find out how they built upon the base, and now they've just ruined it with dumb bullshit. It was fun to create a character, fight for some time locating a team/place, become an unstoppable god that was setting records like mad. Yeah, last one I purchased was buy Nba 2k21 Mt.

The myplayer manner there was a insane grind, and it seems to have just gotten worse. Not to mention all of the ads, VC pushed down your throat, etc.. 2K and EA largely ignore the remainder of the sport and concentrate on how they could suckle on your wallet just a little bit tougher every year. What annoys me even more is that they shoehorned that the myplayer crap into the GM mode as well. I just need to do a fantasy draft or reconstruct a dreadful team, I do not wanna do a cutscene negotiation with my owner to secure more budget and I don't wanna need to cover VC to upgrade my free agency abilities so Dion Waiters doesn't try to fleece me to get a maximum deal.

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