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How to make a human hair wig relive? Today we look at this issue in two ways, one is why a human hair wig will become dry and stiff? The other is how to make it relive?
1.Why a human hair wig will become dry and stiff?
1)Hairs can grow means that human nutrition supplying system is working. Once the hair has left the human scalp, the supply of natural oils is shut off, then the hair will become dry gradually.

2)We all know that human hair wigs need to do regular cleaning, but the water also may ruin the hair and make it become sear, roughness, and hard to tease.

3)People’s daily life involved wearing the hair wigs walking under the sun. For the most part, hair fried is due to sun exposure. Being exposed to direct sunlight too much can easily get your human hair wig sunburnt.

2.How to make it relive?
Although the hair quality of your hair wig will be damaged by time, we also can relive it with the proper care method.
1)Before washing, you can wipe some of the essential oil on the hair evenly, the deployment and use of essential oils can also care for the hair. After wiping, set your hair wig aside for about half an hour to let the hair absorb the nutrients more fully.

2)Rinse thoroughly with warm water by the showerhead. After the hair wig gets wet, use a mild, moisturizing shampoo to wash gently. A few minutes later, you can rinse it with warm water and add a smidgen of conditioner, hair conditioner is excellent for revitalizing dry, lifeless hair. By the way, remember to allow the conditioner to be evenly absorbed into each hair strand. Finally, hair should be patted with a towel to absorb excess water naturally.

3)After washing, wipe some oils again, and then put the hair wig on affordable lace front wigs stand to do air drying, remember to avoid direct sunlight or high-temperature baking to protect it.

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